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"Education and Equality" for Children with Special Needs

How can a special education attorney help you?

The legal services of a special education attorney vary widely but primarily focus on issues concerning "education and equality." Education applies to special and general education, early intervention, vocational, and higher education. Concerns range from access to education, activities, and services, validity of assessments and testing, to the nature of the program itself. Equality generally refers to civil rights protections. If you have a concern that is not represented here please feel free to reach out for information or an opinion.


If you need to file a formal complaint, navigate a hearing, file or defend a court action, or appeal an unfavorable decision an attorney can help:

Due Process & Fair Hearings

Mediation & Resolution Sessions

Disciplinary Hearings

Compliance Complaints

Civil Rights Actions


Legal Advocacy

Sometimes you need help before, or as, disputes arise. Legal advocacy is how an attorney becomes part of your "team." These services include:

Planning & Preparation

Advocacy Coaching

IEP & 504 Meetings

Manifestation Determinations

Grade & Records Disputes

Regional Center

Related Services

Other services include information, opinion, advice and counsel. You may need services related to, or arising from, your education and equality concerns:

Free Consultation

Document Requests & Review

Educational Records Organization

Drafting Correspondence

Legal Advice & Counseling

Limited Conservatorships