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"Education and Equality" for Children with Special Needs

Unsure if you need legal advocacy or representation services?

Legal issues arise in a variety of educational contexts. Sometimes an issue is simply a disagreement or a dispute over an aspect of the educational program or services. You may feel the educational agency has violated the law. Other times you may have a concern that needs to be addressed. The following are examples of some of the common concerns that arise in the context of education. If you have a specific concern that is not represented here please feel free to reach out for information or an opinion.


Are you having a disagreement over:

Eligibility for special education


Accomodations or modifications

Educational placement

Least restrictive environment

Related services

IEP goals or baselines

Termination of eligibility


Do you feel something is wrong with:

Timelines not being followed

Services not being provided

Failure to implement an IEP

Implementation of a BSP or BIP

Limited parental participation

Unqualified teacher or staff

Failure to provide meeting notice

Unconsented change of placement


Are there other issues with:

Consent to IEP or assessment(s)

Reimbursement for placement

The district filed for due process

Falling behind in academics

Social-emotional problems

Manifestation determination

Suspensions & Expulsion

Bullying or discrimination