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Roxanne De La Rocha, Attorney Profile

Roxanne De La Rocha, Special Education Attorney

ā€œI have always enjoyed working with people of diverse backgrounds who face unique challenges, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and share together. When I worked in the school setting it was really eye opening to see how different all the students are and the specific learning challenges they have. When I saw an opportunity to advocate for these students and their families I realized it was a great use of my skills and interests.ā€ ~ Roxanne De La Rocha.

Roxanne De La Rocha, Esq. comes to the Law Offices of Schwartz & Storey with an interest in the working processes of our educational systems and helping obtain the services and supports necessary for a successful learning environment. In addition to practicing special education law, Ms. De La Rocha has served as a substitute teacher at a local educational agency and previously provided tutoring services to children. It was this experience working in the schools, directly with students, that gave Ms. De La Rocha an appreciation and interest in pursuing special education law.

Prior to law school, Ms. De La Rocha graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a major in Peace and Conflict Studies. During her time at Berkeley learning about law and policy and mediation, Ms. De La Rocha received a certification in Leadership Theory & Development from UC Berkeleyā€™s Cal Leadership Institute and a certification in Cross-Cultural Mediation. While completing her undergraduate studies, she developed and implemented a "clean water" project in Ethiopia that was sponsored by Doctors Giving Back, a Non-Profit Organization. Ms. De La Rocha also spent more than a year travelling abroad and studied in Oxford, England and at the Royal Holloway, University of London.

A graduate of California Western School of Law, Roxanne De La Rocha found an interest in bringing people together and focused on opportunities to develop her advocacy and mediation skills. In addition to winning a certificate and award for advanced mediation, she worked in the community mediating small claims and juvenile hall issues. Of particular interest, her juvenile hall work gave a unique insight to some of the problems facing children detained and reemphasized her perspectives that it is important to ensure children get the proper educational, therapeutic, and mental health support necessary to obtain an education.

During law school Roxanne De La Rocha took the opportunity to intern at a law firm in South America, Chile. Speaking both English and French, this was an opportunity to brush up on her conversational Spanish while learning how other countries approach their legal system. A theme in Roxanne De La Rochaā€™s background, pairing travelling and learning, after obtaining her license to practice law in California she gravitated to helping people through the immigration and business law. Roxanne De La Rocha has helped individuals and families with sensitive deportation issues and has helped others who come to the United States and establish their businesses.

As part of the Schwartz & Storey team, Roxanne De La Rocha brings strong experience to working with individuals facing unique circumstances and negotiating differences that are key in the day-to-day work of a special education attorney. With an attention to detail and facts, and an interest in finding creative ways to approach difficult situations, Roxanne De La Rocha treats each child and their circumstances with the understanding that education is the foundation to everything we do from being independent to interacting with others. It is this understanding that drives her interest in the law and dedication to her clients.

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Admitted to Practice

California State Bar

Fed. Dist. Southern Dist. CA

Fed. Immigration Court

Current Member

San Diego Bar Association

Los Angeles Bar Association

American Bar Association