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Paul Hefley, Attorney Profile

Paul Hefley, Special Education Attorney

“As a parent, I always remind myself that there’s nothing more important than education. The children we represent often have complex needs and our area of law is often misunderstood and confusing to parents and, even to, the schools that have to carry out the process. Sometimes it is the small things, the little changes, at the right time that make the biggest differences while, at other times, everyone needs to take a step forward in a big way. I always try to make sure we’re helping our clients move forward.” ~ Paul Hefley.

Paul Hefley, Esq., is an attorney at the Law Offices of Schwartz & Storey, a military veteran, husband, and father of two children. Focusing on special education was a natural transition for Mr. Hefley who has always strived to support others through his military service and legal experience, and has a strong respect for the importance of education in his life and for others. Mr. Hefley has handled complex special education cases at all stages of litigation, as well as multiple special education hearings before the Office of Administrative Hearings and appeals before the 9th Circuit District Court.

Originally from Kentucky, Mr. Hefley joined the military after finishing high school. As a military veteran, stationed in South Korea, Mr. Hefley served as a combat medic, trained to understand basic physiology and provide emergency care. Mr. Hefley met his wife, also a combat medic and a registered nurse, while serving together. Upon returning to the States, Mr. Hefley started a family and began to pursue his undergraduate work. While attending the University of Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Hefley found a developing interest in philosophy of law and political science courses.

Mr. Hefley graduated from the University of Louisville with a major in philosophy. Recalling his career path, “even as far back as high school I enjoyed discussing our social systems, and serving in the military placed a real emphasis on being more involved, helping people by being part of something bigger. For me, the practice of law, more than anything else, is a helping profession so I was naturally drawn to it. But, I wanted to make sure it was the right path for me.” Following undergrad, Mr. Hefley moved to Houston, Texas, where he obtained his paralegal certification and worked for a law firm for over two years before moving to California to attend law school.

A graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law (“TJSL”), in San Diego, California, Mr. Hefley placed his focus on learning about the courtroom while helping to defend the rights of others. Mr. Hefley was member, and Chair, of the TJSL Moot Court Honor Society and a Criminal Law Fellow. While attending law school, Mr. Hefley interned at the East County Courthouse, Criminal Division, privately for a defense firm, and for a year at the Office of the Public Defender, San Diego. As a certified law student he appeared before the court arguing motions and gaining practical experience presenting issues before judges and negotiating with opposing counsel.

Prior to joining the Law Offices of Schwartz & Storey, Mr. Hefley successfully ran his own private practice providing criminal defense services to military service members and their families. Finding an increased need in the community to handle issues relating to children, and at the recommendation of a friend, Mr. Hefley shifted gears towards special education which encompassed many of the mental health concerns that he was seeing in his day to day practice. Since that time Mr. Hefley has helped countless families obtain additional supports, services, and placements necessary to get help his clients move forward in their education.

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